Faulkton South Dakota Little City with Big Art


Faulkton South Dakota Little City with Big Art

Faulkton South Dakota Little City with Big Art . . . and My Hometown!

Little-Art-City-Prairie-Impressions-of-Faulkton-South-DakotaMy daughter has written a new book about Faulkton which is now available on Amazon. She gave me the story for Father’s Day. It was based on a trip she and I took to visit the area. Now the story has become a book.

Faulkton South Dakota already has many attractions considering it is about 760 people and in a remote location. It has new art which is the 3rd largest monument in the state. Guido Van Helten is a mural artist from Brisbane, Australia, and has been painting on the grain elevators this summer. See for yourself by watching this video. Such excitement for the Carousel City, so named for an antique carousel and a huge mural painted on building by high school students.

The book trailer is next so you can learn a little more. It is narrated by none other than myself.

This bright mansion was once the home of an early congressman, John Pickler, and his wife, Alice. It is now a historical museum which we toured. Faulkton South Dakota Little Town with Big Art and Pickler Mansion

Walking around the outside is a hike! They were working on it when we were there. Some grant money was used to stabilize the deteriorating foundation of one of the state’s most historic structures. It is a trip down memory lane (or before that for some people) to explore the interior. We had a guided tour by a very knowledgeable person and president of the local historical society. The Pickler Mansion Museum also has a one-room schoolhouse that is open to visitors. It has authentic furniture and classroom materials from the days when they were used. The area around Faulkton was very green when we were there. Downtown is the county courthouse as Faulkton is the county seat of Faulk County.


Several citizens of Faulkton helped us locate some pictures and information to finish the book. My daughter began the book before the pandemic, and we wanted to finish it. It seems like the time to travel had not yet arrived. We wish to thank Jody Moritz, Jim Moritz, Linda Bartholomew, and Derald Shaw for their kind help.

We hope you will enjoy the book soon!

Thanks for reading, Gary



Gary Wilhelm is a retired engineer with a master’s degree from South Dakota State University, who did research and development work in America, Asia, and Europe for consumer, commercial, and military products, during a career of several decades. In addition to being a civilian engineer embedded with the Marines during the Vietnam War in 1968 and 1969, he worked developing products ranging from EF Johnson citizens band radio, and the Texas Instruments home computer, communications technology for use within buildings, and with medical devices implanted within the body, to the Howitzer Improvement Program (HIP) for army artillery on the battlefield. He was also a representative on a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) committee. He hosted the USA meeting of the committee at Honeywell.

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