Good Afternoon Vietnam eBook


Good Afternoon Vietnam eBook

Did you know there is an eBook for Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War? Remember, there is a free curriculum for teachers who use the book in class, also. It is a personal essay and first-person account, so it provides a unique perspective on the war during 1968-69. Did you know there was intelligence gathering using the Elint system? Many people do not know this, and it was not mentioned at all even in the PBS Vietnam television series or book by Ken Burns. I used computers to help locate enemy positions. The computer rooms took up about the space of one-car garages, and the actual computer was about the size of a refrigerator. The good thing (for me) was it needed air conditioning which was welcome during working hours in such a hot country. Do you have students writing research papers? Find the eBook on Amazon at this link
The curriculum is described at this post and is always free.


Also find the paperback on Amazon —  Good Afternoon Vietnam – A Civilian in the Vietnam War, Thank you!

Gary Wilhelm

Gary Wilhelm is a retired engineer with a master’s degree from South Dakota State University, who did research and development work in America, Asia, and Europe for consumer, commercial, and military products, during a career of several decades. In addition to being a civilian engineer embedded with the Marines during the Vietnam War in 1968 and 1969, he worked developing products ranging from EF Johnson citizens band radio, and the Texas Instruments home computer, communications technology for use within buildings, and with medical devices implanted within the body, to the Howitzer Improvement Program (HIP) for army artillery on the battlefield. He was also a representative on a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) committee. He hosted the USA meeting of the committee at Honeywell.

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