Good Afternoon Vietnam

Good-Afternoon-Vietnam-book-by-Gary-WilhelmGOOD AFTERNOON VIETNAM: A Civilian in the Vietnam War

Good Afternoon Vietnam: A Civilian in the Vietnam War Book

This is the story of a civilian technology engineer working with the Marines in DaNang, Vietnam, from 1968 to 1969. Wilhelm arrived in a blue suit and tie from a military plane and finally found his back way to the USA for a company who would not agree to end his work term long after it was over.

A Civilian Working in a War Zone

The position was working with the computer technology of the time and the US Marine Corp. No one else from his company had previously gone to Vietnam to tell him what he could expect. No one was there to meet his plane!

Working with the Marines

The memories include the night sky being alive with planes circling the base, listening to a bamboo band play American military songs, learning first-hand how difficult holidays are in a war, and not being allowed to carry a weapon. His volunteer position as a substitute English teacher for the South Vietnamese was protected by Marines with shotguns and side-arms.

Life Learning

This is a story of survival and the life perspective war can bring.

Gary Wilhelm worked with the Marines and using the computer technology of the time. As an engineer, Wilhelm viewed rocket attacks as physics lessons which he describes in one story. He never knew when he might have to travel to another country to phone the United States, so at a moment’s notice, he had many unplanned adventures. He planned his own travel to finally leave Vietnam when his company kept ignoring his requests to return home a year longer than his assignment.

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